Ice Bucket Merchant

Commercial/Retail Applications

The Ice Merchant is a versatile, multi-purpose, plug-and-play option, offering the attractiveness of our larger Ice Bucket model but with a reduced footprint. This model stands out due to its no-permit requirement and the flexibility to be relocated as necessary. It’s an ideal solution for sites where the larger Ice Bucket models don’t fit. The most notable feature of the Ice Bucket Merchant is its capability to subsitute traditional outdoor grab-and-go ice boxes.

Key Characteristics


  • Small Machine, Big Returns
  • 7′ W x 7′ H x 3.5′ D Footprint
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Internal or External Applications
  • Auto-Bagging System
  • Bulk Ice Direct-to-Cooler Feature
  • Multi-Stage Water Filtration System
  • Tap-To-Pay Options
  • ICETRACKER Remote Management System


Bagged and Bulk Ice

SQ FT Footprint

Storage Capacity LBS.

Ice Production LBS. / 24 Hours



Bill and Coin Acceptor

IceTracker Remote Management App

Credit Card Reader / Tap-To-Pay

Multi-Stage Water Filtration System

Ultra-Violet Light Filtration

Promotion Token Acceptor


16 LBS Bagged and Bulk Ice

All-Season Insulation Package

Custom Graphics

Marketing Package