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Big Ice, Little Price Across Industries

Countless Opportunities with Ice Bucket America’s Commercial Applications:

Hospitality and Tourism

Hotels and Resorts: Your guests will have quick access to ice on-demand.


Tourist Attractions: Supply your guests and workers with the ability to get on demand ice.

Food and Beverage Industry

Supply Depots: Food packaging facilities have high demands to keep items and workers cool. Imagine your employees being able to grab a bag when they bring in a fresh load of food.


Commercial Beverage: Your workers have every right to stay cool as they deliver your cargo throughout the day. 



Facilities: Raise employee morale with these machines and track their use with promotional tokens.


Farm Workers: Imagine all of your workers being able to grab bags as quickly as the machine can dispense it.


Warehouses and Yards

Warehouses: Warehouse workers by far need ice the most. The demands of their work environment shouldn’t be muddied by heat or warm drinks.


Public and Recreational Areas


Marinas and Beaches: Meet the ice needs of visitors for picnics, parties, boat-goers, and outdoor activities.


Community Centers: Your HOA community can be furnished with quick ice for family events, to prepare before a beach day, etc.


Retail and Convenience Stores

Gyms and Sporting Events: Offer ice for patrons and event goers.


Convenience Stores: Transform your gas station’s profitability: sell your own ice for higher profits–a no-brainer for the 168,000 stations across the USA, especially in Florida, California, and Texas.


    Why Choose Ice Bucket America?

      1. High-Quality Machines: Durable, efficient, and user-friendly designs.
      2. Customizable Solutions: Tailored to fit the specific needs of your industry.
      3. Sustainable Options: Energy-efficient models for environmentally conscious businesses.
      4. 24/7 Support: Dedicated customer service for uninterrupted operation.

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