Your Marinas: Upgraded with Innovative Ice Vending Machines

Invest in more convenience to your marina with our innovative ice vending machine kiosks. With bagged ice wherever and whenever your customers need, you will level up your profits without needing to do a lot of maintenance work!

Why Choose Ice Bucket America

No more late deliveries

Waiting for ice delivery is always a pain, especially if it is a hot day in Florida. With so many people demanding ice, any delay means a big reputation hit for your business. Entering our ice vending kiosk, which allows customers to buy ice directly from the source. There will be no more ice deliveries and delays!

Reduce your carbon footprints

IBA ice vending machines make ice on your premises, so you don’t have to sign up for ice deliveries, which increases carbon emissions exponentially.

Perfect branding opportunities

Our flashy and high-tech ice vending machines are the centerpieces of the area, and they are the perfect opportunity for you to put some posters or ads on them, increasing your overall income.

Convenient Ice-Cold Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Get the coolest drinks for summer right away with our ice machines. With quick refill time and massive ice storage capabilities, these commercial ice vending machines can match even the largest order volume with ease.

Key Benefits


Nominal Investment

We offer low initial investments with plenty of financing options to help you out.


24/7 Availability

All of our ice kiosks come with anti-tamper mechanisms to make sure they run 24/7 with ease.


Remote Monitoring

Stay in the knows even when you are not onsite with our top monitoring technology.


Top-Notch Security

Each ice vending kiosk comes with a cutting-edge security system to prevent thefts and shrinkage.

Ready to level up your profits with just one simple step?