F&B Industry

Convenient Ice Vending Machines for Food and Beverage Facilities

Anyone who works at food depots or food and beverage facilities knows how tough the job can get, and how an ice-cold drink can make their day a whole let better. Introducing Ice Bucket America’s innovative ice vending machines, which are here to provide your team members with bags of ice for pure delights!

Why Choose Ice Bucket America

Instant Ice for Instant Morale

Our commercial ice vending machines are capable of producing at max 10,000 lbs of pure ice in 24 hours, enabling them to quickly quench your employees thirst. Your employees can easily work with the food and beverage now without worrying about the thirst!

Reduce Your Delivery Bills

IBA ice vending machines make ice on your premises, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive ice deliveries.

Improve Your Employees Loyalty

Keep the turnover rate low with our convenient ice vending machines! Our machines are capable of handling massive orders of pure ice without needing an operator, helping to keep your employees happy.

Low Maintenance Costs and Efforts

No more maintenance hassles with Ice Bucket America! Our ice vending machines require very little maintenance, and they are place-and-forget models that don’t require you to check in every single day!

Key Benefits


Nominal Investment

Get the best ice vending machines with just a low investment. Financing options are available.


24/7 Availability

All of our ice vending machines work one a 24/7 basis with anti-shrinkage mechanisms.


Remote Monitoring

Stay in the knows even when you are not onsite with our top monitoring technology.


Purest Ice On The Market

We offer only the purest ice on the market to ensure the best taste for your drinks.

Ready to level up your profits and keep your team happy with just one simple step?