Joint Venture Ice Partnership


Let Our Cool Vision Inspire You to Financial Freedom

Introducing Our Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities:

Introducing Our Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities

At Ice Bucket America we believe everyone should benefit from the very cleanest and freshest ice to improve their quality of life and outdoor experiences. Join us today in partnership to build and grow your own business as part of our team of experts and machine owners. With your ambition, entrepreneurship mindset and talent, and our state-of-the-art commercial ice vending machines, 24/7 support and market openings there’s no limit to the immediate income you can achieve for your family.

The Joint Venture Partnership is our greatest strength, with every unit locally owned and managed by our partners. As an IBA partner, you are the master of your own fate. Build your own local portfolio of units, provide the freshest, cleanest, direct from the source and most ice for the price to your customers, serve your community, create an asset for your family’s future and enjoy the profits 24/7.

Partnership is our passion, and our aim is to help you and your new commercial ice vending business realize your full potential, attractive tax savings and immediate passive or full-time income. All the while freeing up additional time to spend with your family and loved ones.

“Journey to a Cool Partnership”

The Joint Venture Ice Partnership Model

Partners are shareholders; in charge of the day-to-day running of the machine with 24/7 support from IBA, they receive 50% of the profits and enjoy capital growth. They also receive 50% of the depreciation-tax deduction (100% year one) and benefits from the joint venture business entity, to give them that extra layer of security.


IBA is a shareholder; in return for our best-in-class support, ICETRACKER monitoring service, machine supply at 50% of direct manufacturing cost, area protection, parts, supplies, marketing, site location identifier / prep, delivery, install, setup and our ICEACADEMY training we receive 50% of the profits tax deduction and (100% year one) depreciation applicable on all machines.

There’s a whole family of reasons

IBA is now the America’s largest partner in the ever-growing commercial ice vending space with hundreds of units operating across the globe. “Big Ice, Little Price” is used by everyone! However, we are more than just an commercial ice vending outlet campaign; our machine quality, best priced ice, choice of bag or bulk ice, 24/7 access and world-class customer service ensure our place in the market. But even with our success, it’s still very much a family business, with our ownership still driving us forward to ever greater success. There has never been a better time to join the IBA partnership.

It isn’t just about cash in the bank and results

We believe IBA partners are the best in the business; we partner with true professionals. As such, all prospective partners undergo a rigorous assessment and selection process to ensure a partnership is right for both you and us. We look for people with the following skills:

  • Partnership Mindset
  • Entrepreneurship Outlook
  • Communication Skills
  • Performance Driven
  • Mechanical Inclined
  • Family Values and Attributes
  • Marketing and Promotional Skills
  • Growth Focused

If you’re ready to work towards financial freedom the chance to become a IBA partnership is waiting for you.

How Do I Apply for a Partnership with IBA?

​If you’re already part of the IBA Family, use the “Partnership Quick Apply” button and complete your information.

​You’ll have a telephone or video call to assess your suitability to join our pathway to passive income program and route to a joint venture ice partnership (JVIP).

​If you do not currently have any experience in the commercial ice vending or entrepreneurship space, don’t worry, you can still register your interest by completing the form below. At this stage we’d encourage you to still speak with us or talk to the partners and get a good idea of what’s involved and what it will mean for you.

Ask any questions you may have or visit our FAQ page and learn all you can about the commercial ice vending industry and our machines.