“Cold Hard Facts”

Ice Bucket America guarantees the best prices in the market. With four machines models available, prices range from $40,000 to $150,000, depending on specifications, your needs, and expectations. To receive our full price list, please fill out the customer information form on the website.

YES, in addition to the immediate passive annual income, ALL IBA machines qualify for Section 179 Tax Code, allowing for Full depreciation of your IBA machine year one.
* We suggest you speak with your accountant or tax specialist for additional information.

YES, with our finance partners up to 100% financing is immediately available to qualified buyers. In addition, IBA offers a wide range of partnership, investment, and joint-venture opportunities. Contact one of our Specialist today to learn more.

The Automated ice vending machine uses a multi-stage pre-filtered producing fresh from the source ice. This ice is stored in a food quality standard stainless-steel bin inside the machine. When the storage bin is full, the machine stops production until the produced ice is vended or sold.

Each Ice Bucket America model comes equipped with a one – year manufacturing warranty. In addition, certain equipment components have their own product warranty ranging from 1-3 years.

When maintained properly to IBA standards, machines should last 20 plus years. With existing units in application for over 15 years. Our proprietary designs, state-of-the-art engineering, modern technology, and advanced manufacturing ensure lifespans on all units are maximized.

Thanks to our ICETRACKER remote management system you can monitor and manage your machine remotely. From adjusting your icemaker settings, to be alerted when any issue is detected. With the ICETRACKER management system you can even run a bag or bulk vend right from your phone or smart device.

• The Ice Bucket can produce 10,000 lbs. of fresh ice per day.
• The Ice Bucket Jr. can produce 4,500lbs or fresh ice per day.
• The Ice Bucket Kiosk can produce 2,000lbs of fresh ice per day.
• The Ice Bucket Merchant can produce 1,000lbs of fresh ice per day.

With our pre-stage bag technology on our larger units vends dispense instantly in under two seconds. Kiosk and Merchant machines dispense in ten seconds.

With our ice makers constantly producing fresh filtered ice during the day and night. Our food-grade stainless storage bins and augers ensure that your ice will always be fresh, loose, and free of any contamination. Allowing your IBA unit to offer the cleanest from the source ice in your area. 24/7.

Deliver times vary pending production backlog with the Kiosk and Merchant units typically available to delivery in 1-2 weeks when (stocked) and the large Ice Bucket and Ice Bucket Jr ready for delivery in 12 weeks.

All units are rated from 160-180mph 3 sec gust allowing units to withstand extreme weather conditions and the ability to vend during power outages with our easy to connect generation power options.

YES, Our state-of-the-art commercial ice makers, along with all our food grade stainless steel, HDPE, or poly internal components. Along with advanced multi-level water filtration systems ensures that your IBA machine is not only producing the freshest, safest, best quality ice direct from the source. It also ensures your clients are receiving the most ice in your area for their purchase. “BIG ICE, LITTLE PRICE”.