Grocery and Convernience Store

Pure Ice Vending Machines For Pure Delights

No one wants to have their convenience store drinks without ice, especially in summer! Our ice vending machines at Ice Bucket America are here to help you quench your customers’ thirst with instant ice for ice-cold drinks!

Partner with Ice Bucket America now and take the first step towards financial freedom. Our ice maker machine kiosks bring you massive ROIs without needing constant maintenance, and they offer amazing packs of ice to your customers on hot summer days!

  • Low overhead costs
  • The ONLY pure ice vending machines
  • Smallest footprint
  • Little-to-none maintenance

Ice Bucket America: Your Shortest Path to Success

Ice Right Away With No Delay

No more waiting for expensive ice machine deliveries! With ice and water machines or kiosks, your customers can get all the retail ice they need after just a few minutes.

Massive Passive Income

Earn massive income with a profit margin of 90% with our convenient ice vending machines. It costs just 25¢ for one bag of ice. Imagine how many bags you can sell on a hot summer day!

Hands-Free Maintenance

Our rugged and innovative ice vending machines don’t take up a lot of space, and you don’t have to keep an eye on them every single day. Just install them and let them work the magic!

Top-Quality Pure Ice

We are the only ice vending machine producer on the market to offer fresh and pure high-quality ice, which elevates your experience even further.

Key Benefits


Nominal Investment

We offer low initial investments with plenty of financing options to help you out.


24/7 Availability

All of our ice kiosks come with anti-tamper mechanisms to make sure they run 24/7 with ease.


Remote Monitoring

Stay in the knows even when you are not onsite with our top monitoring technology.


Top-Notch Security

Each ice vending kiosk comes with a cutting-edge security system to prevent thefts and shrinkage.

Your journey to financial freedom starts now!